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We are a UK-based charity formed to give support to victims of forced marriage and violence upon women thought to have brought dishonour on their family.

At Freedom we believe that all children should have the right to live free from abuse and coercion, without being forced into marriage or to endure the horrors of female genital mutilation (FGM). Freedom protects children through a 24/7 helpline, answered by professionals who understand dishonour abuse and how to help victims. Freedom educates children with specialist lessons around dishonour abuse, working with schools to deliver PSHE accredited lesson plans developed by Freedom. Freedom supports children and professionals with an App that puts the victim ‘two clicks away from help’. Freedom offers professional training to key workers so they can spot the signs of dishonour abuse and protect children at risk.

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What your donation can provide


could help us raise awareness in schools and prevent FGM


could provide a counselling session for a victim of abuse


could provide a new identity for a victim fleeing abuse


could provide support for a girl fleeing abuse for a month.

Ways you can help

Please support Freedom by purchasing our books or a red triangle badge. All profits go towards helping support our cause.

Purchasing and wearing Freedom Charity’s Red Triangle pin badge, which symbolises all aspects of the Charity’s work, is an effective way to start a conversation with anyone enquiring what it means and why you are wearing it.

Buying Freedom’s books to read and pass on to young people who may be interested, contributes to the Charity’s income and places these crucial messages within reach of those who may themselves be at risk.

Sharing Freedom Charity’s website details and social media posts on your own networks is the best way to spread the word and draw attention to the issues. It is surprising how many people remain totally unaware of Dishonour Abuse, Forced Marriage, FGM, Virginity Testing, Virginity Repair, Breast Ironing and Modern Day Slavery – all items within the scope of Freedom’s remit

Raising funds for Freedom Charity, will help the work to continue in a sustainable way. There are so many ways to raise funds among friends, family and contacts.

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Please support Freedom by purchasing our books or a red triangle badge. All profits go towards helping support our cause.
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Your help and support in raising awareness is crucial to saving lives. Alternatively, just text the words 3DOM followed by the amount you can give (3DOM 5 for £5 / 3DOM 10 for £10 / 3DOM 15 for £15 etc) to 70470.


Freedom Charity has visited 140 schools to deliver lessons (accredited by PSHE Association), workshops and assemblies to young people and has donated tens of thousands of copies of Aneeta Prem’s novel, ‘But It’s Not Fair’, and ‘Cut Flowers’ to students and education professionals. Aneeta’s innovative and expert presentations, combined with the novel and PSHE lesson plans, provide students across all Key Stages with the knowledge to engage with, and discuss, complex human rights issues.

We have also delivered training to police forces, the UK Border Force, airport authorities, social workers and other professionals on how to spot the signs of Dishonour Abuse and how to help

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By Barnie Choudhury – Eastern Eye Children as young as 14 are contacting the police, using a special app, over fears they will be married against their will during the coronavirus lock down. That’s according to a leading charity which specialises in helping victims of forced marriage. The leap in numbers is an unintended consequence […]

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