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Freedom Charity statement On Dishonour Abuse

The world at large uses the term ‘Honour-Based Violence’ (HBV) to describe the way in which certain families and wider communities treat their women and girls whose aspirations, life choices and behaviour do not comply with their narrow-minded traditional views. Freedom Charity consistently uses the term ‘Dishonour Abuse’ (DiA) on the basis that there is nothing honourable about physical, sexual, emotional, economic and social suffering inflicted upon women and girls, and that the term ‘Abuse’ (as now mandated to describe domestic cases in the Court system) covers the full range of unwelcome and unacceptable coercive domestic behaviour associated with Forced Marriage, FGM and restrictive practices which go beyond the scope of acceptable discipline and, all too frequently, lead to actual and grievous bodily harm, rape and murder.

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could help us raise awareness in schools and prevent FGM


could provide a counselling session for a victim of abuse


could provide a new identity for a victim fleeing abuse


could provide support for a girl fleeing abuse for a month.