Global Sustainable Development Conference Aneeta Prem

Global Sustainable Development Conference

This week our Founder, Aneeta Prem, delivered a keynote at the Global Sustainable Development Conference in Glasgow. The event was hosted by the University of Glasgow and convened by Times Higher Education. Aneeta Prem was on stage with other notable figures from major companies such as Amazon, HSBC, and Edify

Keynote Coverage

Aneeta’s keynote covered health, well-being, and demography and draw specifically on her experience challenging dishonour based abuse. In a hard-hitting address, Aneeta drew on case studies of abusive practices undertaken in the name of ‘honour’ or ‘tradition’ and challenged members of the audience from around the world to be braver and bolder in putting the voices and experiences of victims and survivors at the heart of their work.

Aneeta was then joined for a panel discussion with former President of Ireland, Dr. Mary Robinson. Then later on, Tony Chan, the President of the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology, Saudi Arabia. Finally Stefania Giannini, the Assistant Director General of Education at UNESCO.

Global Sustainable Development Conference Word Of The Day

In Aneeta Prem’s Keynote, she spoke about her late father who instructed her to “Be Brave” through the tough times that she would have to face. This word became not only more prominent with herself but freedom as well. Making sure that she is brave with the number of targeted young people that face forced marriage, FGM, and dishonor abuse.

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