Christmas Donations

Christmas Donations


Will you donate to a charity that focuses on Helping young girls and women escape female genital mutilation, Forced marriage or virginity testing? this Christmas is the perfect time to donate, women and girls all around the world need help and support to make sure that they live a fulfilling life without these dishonour-based abuse practices being performed. your donation could; save a person in need from being unnecessarily harmed or even forced to move abroad to marry someone that they don’t even know.

You can also donate by buying one of our books; either cut flowers or But it’s not Fair, when buying both of these books all the profits go to freedom charity and will help girl’s in need. you could also buy one of our red triangle badges to wear to show your support for eradicating FGM.

Your help and support in raising awareness is crucial to saving lives. Alternatively, just text the words 3DOM followed by the amount you can give (3DOM 5 for £5 / 3DOM 10 for £10 / 3DOM 15 for £15 etc) to 70470.

No matter how large or small your donation is, every penny counts to saving a young person from abuse

Here’s How your money can help people in need:

£5 can provide a school child with one of our lifesaving books.

£10 can fund a child’s school assembly presentation.

£20 can provide an emergency pack of essentials for a girl fleeing domestic abuse.

£30 could provide a counselling session for a victim of abuse.

£150 could provide a new identity for a victim fleeing abuse.

£500 could provide support for a girl fleeing abuse for a month.