Forced Marriage 2023 figures

Forced Marriage 2023 figures

Freedom Charity Press Release:

Strengthening Efforts to Combat Forced Marriage and FGM through Education and Collaboration

London, UK – Freedom Charity, a leader in combating forced marriage and female genital mutilation (FGM), collaborates closely with the Forced Marriage Unit (FMU) to address these severe issues, especially among vulnerable young populations in the UK.


2023 Key Findings Forced Marriage 2023 figures

Forced Marriage 2023 figures
Forced Marriage 2023 figures

Total Contacts: The FMU received 802 contacts through its public helpline and email, which included 280 cases needing advice and support for forced marriage, alongside 3 specific cases of FGM.


Demographics of Affected Individuals: Notably, 25% of the cases involved victims aged 17 and under, and 34% involved those aged 18 to 25, underscoring the impact on young people.


Geographical Spread:

With 85% of victims based in the UK at the time of their case referral, the data illustrates that forced marriage and FGM are significant domestic issues as well as international concerns.

Legal Developments:

The Marriage and Civil Partnership (Minimum Age) Act 2023 marks a significant legal stride, enhancing protections against forced marriage for minors throughout England and Wales.


Freedom Charity’s Dedicated Initiatives:

Freedom Charity works diligently to train professionals and young people on the risks and realities of forced marriage and FGM. By donating over 75,000 copies of educational books by Aneeta Prem and implementing PSHE-accredited lesson plans such as ‘But It’s Not Fair’ and ‘Cut Flowers’, the charity has reached over 75,000 children in UK schools.

Aneeta Prem MBE, founder of Freedom Charity, states: “It is alarming when we look at the data showing that a quarter of all cases still involve children. More must be done to protect the most vulnerable from forced marriage and dishonour-based abuse. Forced marriage is, unequivocally, child abuse.”


Freedom charity  and Training Efforts:

Freedom works to train all front line professionals to understand and how to deal with dishonor  abuse and works closely with schools, colleges and university

Looking Forward:

Committed to doing more in its advocacy and educational efforts, Freedom Charity aims to ensure that every child and professional is equipped to recognise and combat these abuses.


The charity continues to push for stringent law enforcement and broadened educational programs to safeguard all individuals, especially the young and vulnerable, from forced marriage and FGM.

For More Information:

For further details on how to get involved or seek help, please visit Freedom Charity’s website or contact our support team directly. 07958737491