Landmark Conviction in Luton Forced Marriage Case


Freedom Charity Founder, Aneeta Prem, Addresses Landmark Conviction in Luton Forced Marriage Case

Freedom Charity, a front-running UK organisation combatting forced marriages, today revealed that its founder and esteemed forced marriage expert, Aneeta Prem, is available for discussion and in-depth analysis of the recent groundbreaking Luton forced marriage case.

This case, reported in Luton Today, chronicles a chilling saga of a woman subjected to physical and psychological abuse after being forced into marriage. The offender, Kulbir Singh Moroak, was brought to justice in a landmark judgement, marking him as the first person convicted for forced marriage in Bedfordshire.

Aneeta Prem, who has dedicated her life to eradicating forced marriage and honour-based abuse in the UK, will offer expert insight on the case, its broader ramifications, and the ongoing battle to protect individuals from forced marriages in the Conviction in Luton Forced Marriage Case

“The sentencing of Kulbir Singh Moroak is a crucial milestone in our fight against forced marriages and dishonour-based violence,” says Aneeta Prem. “His conviction for forced marriage, coercive and controlling behaviour, along with multiple counts of assault, highlights the strength and resilience of the survivor and sends a clear message to society – such behaviour is both criminal and morally unacceptable.”

As the author of “But It’s Not Fair” and “Cut Flowers,” Prem provides a firsthand account of the experiences endured by young people forced into marriages or falling victim to female genital mutilation. She is frequently sought out for her expert opinion by various stakeholders in the fight against these atrocities.

Freedom Charity continues to provide support for those affected by forced marriages and honour-based violence through their website (, their 24/7 helpline, and numerous outreach and educational programs.

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Freedom Charity is a leading UK-based non-profit organisation dedicated to ending forced marriages and honour-based violence. Founded by Aneeta Prem, the charity focuses on educating young people, providing support to victims, and campaigning for legislative changes.