Freedom Charity Online Exhibition curated by Kate Nash

Announcement: The Freedom Team and Kate Nash have worked tirelessly towards a fundraising event raising money to support Freedom Charity, which give support to survivors of forced marriage and those who have endured the horrors of female genital mutilation (FGM).

Guts Gallery have created an online sales exhibition to support this event and raise money for the charity.

The show will be available to view via @guts_gallery on Mon 6 Feb 2023 (International Day of Zero Tolerance for Female Genital Mutilation) and continues until 20 Mar 2023.

The artwork sold will be split 50/50 between the artist and the charity. Some artists generously have offered to donate 100% of the proceeds.

Featured Creatives include:

Emma Breschi, Sophie Vallance Cantor, Charlotte Colbert, Fearne Cotton, Gaby Diaz, Lena Dunham, Danny Dyer, Louisa Harland, Saoirse Monica Jackson, July Jones, Kojaque, Venetia La Manna, Natalia González Martín, Rene Matić, Michael Love Michael, Thérèse Mulgrew, Kate Nash, Larissa De Jesús Negrón, Dean Chalkley & Ciaran O’Shea, Athena Paginton, Dora Paphides, Fergie L. Philippe, Elsa Rouy, Sarah Solemani, Jordan Stephens, Olivia Sterling, Xu Yang

A physical fundraising event will take place and will coincide with International Women’s Day. Please follow Freedom Charity via Instagram to stay in the loop with the exact dates and the location.

To get involved, please visit Guts Gallery’s online exhibitions page and follow our social pages for more announcements.



Graphic Design by @charles_britton.