National Volunteers Week

National Volunteers Week

Freedom Charity: Volunteer-Led Force Against Forced Marriage and Dishonour Abuse

As National Volunteers Week unfolds, we salute those making a positive impact through selfless acts. Our spotlight shines on Freedom Charity, a UK-led volunteer initiative, combating forced marriage, dishonour abuse, and violence against women.

Freedom Charity, based in the UK, is a lifeline for victims of forced marriage and dishonour violence. Their principle is simple: all children deserve a life free from abuse and coercion. They run a unique 24/7 helpline, staffed by professionals who are volunteering their time, ready to support victims of dishonour abuse​1​.

In the digital age, Freedom Charity leads the way with the first secure 24/7 information and Freedom Charity app. This was developed in collaboration with the Forced Marriage Unit and the Police, offering immediate help​1​.

Education is a cornerstone of Freedom Charity’s aims.

Freedom collaborates with schools, delivering specialist lessons on dishonour abuse.

Schools have been visited, Over  70,000 +s of Aneeta Prem’s ‘But It’s Not Fair’ and ‘Cut Flowers’ donated, and PSHE-accredited lesson plans developed. These resources empower the younger generation to discuss and understand complex human rights issues​1.

Freedom Charity champions systemic change too. They were instrumental in urging the UK Government to criminalise forced marriage. Additionally, they successfully campaigned to end virginity testing and surgical hymenoplasty. Their accomplishments demonstrate the power of volunteer-led advocacy for legislative change​1.

National Volunteers Week is the perfect time to support Freedom Charity. Buy their books or a red triangle pin badge, raise funds, or spread awareness of their cause. Even a small donation can help: £10 can raise awareness in schools, while £30 can provide a counselling session for an abuse victim​1.

Freedom Charity embodies the profound change volunteers can effect. Their victories show that united individuals can break barriers, influence laws, and save lives. Let their work inspire us this National Volunteers Week to recognise the transformative power of volunteering.